Tap & Track -Calorie Counter (Diets & Exercises) App Reviews

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Love, love this app!!

The best thing about this app is, no need for wifi! It simple to use! Other apps that are similar have to much going on, and makes things confusing. The only thing I dont like is it does not sync with my iPad. Hope that changes soon. I have to double enter everything .


I find a lot of apps like this tend to be presumptuous as to their databases. I like that I can add my custom weird food. Just wish I didnt have to press so many buttons to find my saved foods...

Love this app!!!

It has an off-line database that does not require registration on the web and the user interface simple and powerful. I demonstrated it to a few friends after I bought it and all downloaded too. Used it on the plane today when none of my other apps worked!

Great App

Awesome helped me lose 35lb in 6 months.

Convenient app

Only needs a UPC scanner to add foods

Love it!

Love it. I also have to substitute on several items, but not that big a deal. This has helped me much more than Weight Watchers tracking. I did find Quaker oatmeal on it and most of my favorite restaurant foods. I like being able to add my exercise in as it actually encourages me to exercise more. It is so convenient having it on my IPhone.


Easiest counter to use. Gets better with use. Recommend

Tech Support is GONE.

Run, dont walk, from this app. I purchased the app several years ago. Really enjoyed it at first. Now, it will not sync to my computer. It is not keeping historical data. I have contacted tech support multiple times, the first few times I was told "working on it". The last several times, no response. Yesterday I contacted support, asked them if they were still supporting this app, and if not, I wanted a refund. Their response was to send me a link to request a refund. Enough said...

Good, by no mean perfect

Update after 1 week of use, downgrading to 2 stars for inaccurate data: It shows 0 cholesterol on all items, but restaurant web sites show cholesterol in the same foods. Bug maybe? I sent an email to the developer and got an auto "thanks for your input" response. The summary information should show totals of all contents that are available. I see no way to do that. Has this app been abandoned by the developer??? It hasnt been updated in over a year and a half and has obvious bugs that need to be addressed. Original thoughts: Very good app but there is a bit of a learning curve on using it. Saving a food to Favorites is more difficult/restrictive than it needs to be. It doesnt show cholesterol in the logs, which is one thing a lot of people need/want to track. In all, it is very useful, but there is room for improvement. I would recommend this app if you want to track calories, weight and exercise.

It works!

It works and it didnt delete my data over all these years unlike some other apps have after years of upgrades.

Just a small request

Awesome app. Have had it for 5 yrs or so. Gives very useful nutritional info on almost anything/any restaurant you can think of. Only wish is that theyd include the sugar content on the items listed. Otherwise, great app.

Easiest to use

Three ways to find foods and stores all previous meals. Lets you set calorie targets and goal weights very quickly and easily. No annoying pop up ads or banners. Tried a few others and have come back to this.

Minor issues

Great app but I am surprised they have not included some basic sports like boxing. I am also confused when I search for an item like banana it brings multiple results with one being of a different size or portion but when I search bananas (with an s) it brings up the one and has in it a way to select size and number. It happens to other search results and may get confusing. Its just a minor organization and consolidation issue. Also not enough using if measurements. Finally, Im not sure, but I wish there was a units converter in app to help if a product has a different unit than what the app offers like almond breeze milk servings is in cups but in app it is in fluid ounces.

Food database doesnt work making this app unusable.

App appears to be broken


Great app. Love being able to track calories and activity levels, as well as add my own recipes. The app calculates all the calories and other stats for my recipes. Love it!!!


I rated it a 4 only because I wish there was a way to scan food packaging to track food. Great app other wise!

Easy to use

Exactly what I needed. Just something to track calories and unlike MFP, it doesnt shout at me if I eat under what they think I should be eating.

Good App. Worth the 100 Nickels.

This is a pretty good tool to monitor what I eat. It is much better than the other apps I have tried and is worth $5. I can find the foods I want to add in the data base most of the time, and when I can’t, I can create my own. The previous items list is handy. It is tracking my weight, proteins, sugars, sodium, fat, carbs, food score, food/exercise logs, and calories consumed/calories burned (I’m just now figuring out the syncing process). Suggestion: Phosphorus tracking. Including phosphorous in your data base, or even a calculating program that estimates it, would be huge for me (Important for kidney disease. I’ll give you another $2 for it!). Also, don’t ask for reviews until at least a week. I need time to see how it works and fits into my life. Definitely do not ask me everytime I turn it on. On the fence about buying this? Don’t be. Buy it.


Great app to keep track. Easy to train when you enter the foods & brands that you use. Just wish they would add teaspoon & tablespoon measurement to more items or let you add that measurement.

Tap n Track

Sorry, but this app doesnt work for me. We live in the Chicagoland area and the food list are brands I never heard of. I wish I could of had a test run before I purchased this app. Goes to show you cant depend on the info and reviews given on the App Store.

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