Tap & Track Calorie Counter App Reviews

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Useful App!

I like it, but would like more basic whole food selections and less processed food selections. Overall, a very useful app!


Has transformed my relationship with food/exercise... 3 kilos down in 5 weeks! Over xmas! Way to go.

No fuss, only useful stuff

This app is very nice to look at and is well designed. All functions are right there where you expect them to be. The only thing us that the food database is clearly targetted at USA people. Having other countries with their specific food would be really useful. You can always enter your own entries but its time consuming and not always easy to get all nutrition facts. Anyway its the best app I found to track calories with style ;)

Very good app

Usefull ! Large database and easy to use. Hope they can come up with some "plans" that fit your goals... Helped me lose 3.5kg so far. Usefull to count calories

Pas mal

Would need a french translation, otherwise nice app !

Great app .... Needs more european foods

The best app for slimmers, control freaks and those just curious about themselves. One downside- not enough european food , and the measures are peculiar (no litres? Only grams?) not easy unless you are a mathematical genius. But you can usually find reasonable equivalents. I am sure future versions can only improve.


Great app

Great ap

Have lost 18 kilos .Couldnt have done it without this ap. Would like more choices of units - isnt always easy to estimate quantities. European foods would be nice as well.


Helps you kero track of what you eat everyday - convienient and easy.

Very nice app!!! Extra good to keep track of calories!!

Love it!!

Tap and Track

Great ap. for tracking. Very user friendly

Well worth the price.

Great app, very user friendly. Worls well with my 3Gs. Love the export feature.


Super, although more Eurpean ingredients listed would improve it alot. Very fast, quite complete and practical. Motivates me to keep my calorie intake down.


The best


The best app to control your diet


Great app! Allows user to include items in database, and mark items as favorite, which makes the app very user friendly. The ability to export the data to computer is also a great feature.

Outsdanding app

Very easy to manage. A lot of food on the database. It is helping me a lot.

It could be five stars...

But its not very good for Portuguese speakers. Small database and no Portuguese version.

Half hearted metric implementation

In general, a well thought out app. However it is let down by the half hearted metric implementation. Fluids are entered as grams (sometimes ok) or as US fluid ounces. Pretty useless in a metric country. It would not have been too difficult to present the database values in terms of ml, as fluids are typically sold in these units in metric countries.

Excellent product

Works nice, could be even better with European foods. Still does what it promises!

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