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Tap & Track Calorie Counter app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 6016 ratings )
Lifestyle Health & Fitness
3.99 USD
Current version: 8.2, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 01 Apr 2009
App size: 75.16 Mb

Contains the largest OFFLINE food database of any iPhone calorie counter (over 500,000 foods). Perfect for both, iPod Touch and iPhone users!

-Recommended by the NY TIMES!
-Featured by "HARVARD HEALTH PUBLICATIONS" in an article about highest-rated health apps.
-The only OFFLINE calorie counter that allows you and your partner to track calories on the single iPhone/iPod!

-Over 15,000 great user reviews!


Love love love it! I have used 4 or 5 food tracking apps and this one is my fav by far!
-by Sara Snitker

Great Database
Ive tried ton of tracking apps and they all basically do the same thing. This app one ups the competition with a GREAT DATABASE!
-by Ted Childers

Tap & Track implements Apples philosophy of simplicity but at the same time offers hundreds of amazing features that youll love to use every day. The app never requires internet access, so you can keep track anytime, anywhere!


- Over 500,000 food items
- Over 2000 food brands
- Over 700 restaurants
- Over 180 different exercises
- Daily info on calories, fat, saturated fat, protein, carbs, sugars, sodium & fiber
- Track calories and Food Score
- 40:30:30 Pie charts of reports
- Displaying your daily calorie needs / limits
- Full screen graphs
- Exercise tracking
- BMI calculator
- Weight tracking
- FREE sync with backup/restore

- The only calorie counter that works offline!
- Free multiple profiles
- Large and accurate database, verified by nutrition experts
- Allows you to build your own recipes and custom foods
- Does not crash, very fast, highly stabile app
- Works offline, doesnt use internet connection to get foods
- Full screen graphs
- Frequent updates
- You can export nutrition data as CSV that can be opened with a Spreadsheet
- Great customer support

- Track food calories
- Track Burned calories
- Track Daily Weight
- Set your Diet Plan
- Set your Goal Weight
- Set your Fat budget
- Set your Carbs budget
- View daily BMI
- View nutrition data: calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat (and saturated fat), fiber, sodium, sugar.
- View or edit calorie and exercise logs
- Export Log as CSV that can be opened with a Spreadsheet
- Passcode lock

- Pick, add, edit and re-sort favorites
- Add your food items in different categories
- Search common foods and restaurant database
- “Quick Add Calories” - enter consumed calories in just a few taps
- Previous Meal list - locate and pick any food item you recently consumed

- Pick, add, edit and resort predefined exercise list.
- Select between three different exercise intensities.
- “Quick add Burned” - enter burned calories in just a few taps

- Full screen Calorie and Weight graphs
- View Weight Goal at graph
- View Calorie breakdown
- View consumed calories and daily limits

- View consumed calories and other nutrition info by day
- View average consumed calories and other nutrition info for last 7 days
- View average consumed calories and other nutrition info by user defined period.

The Tap & Track will allow you to keep track on your calorie by calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and finding the daily calorie needs of your body based on your gender, age, weight and height.

The application features can be divided into 4 parts; Food, Exercise, Weight and Reports. You will find the app very easy and pleasant to use.

Pros and cons of Tap & Track Calorie Counter app for iPhone and iPad

Tap & Track Calorie Counter app good for

I like it, but would like more basic whole food selections and less processed food selections. Overall, a very useful app!
Has transformed my relationship with food/exercise... 3 kilos down in 5 weeks! Over xmas! Way to go.
This app is very nice to look at and is well designed. All functions are right there where you expect them to be. The only thing us that the food database is clearly targetted at USA people. Having other countries with their specific food would be really useful. You can always enter your own entries but its time consuming and not always easy to get all nutrition facts. Anyway its the best app I found to track calories with style ;)
Usefull ! Large database and easy to use. Hope they can come up with some "plans" that fit your goals... Helped me lose 3.5kg so far. Usefull to count calories
The best app for slimmers, control freaks and those just curious about themselves. One downside- not enough european food , and the measures are peculiar (no litres? Only grams?) not easy unless you are a mathematical genius. But you can usually find reasonable equivalents. I am sure future versions can only improve.
Have lost 18 kilos .Couldnt have done it without this ap. Would like more choices of units - isnt always easy to estimate quantities. European foods would be nice as well.

Some bad moments

But its not very good for Portuguese speakers. Small database and no Portuguese version.
In general, a well thought out app. However it is let down by the half hearted metric implementation. Fluids are entered as grams (sometimes ok) or as US fluid ounces. Pretty useless in a metric country. It would not have been too difficult to present the database values in terms of ml, as fluids are typically sold in these units in metric countries.
App sync stopped working. Wrote 6 mails asking for support help with no reply.
I dont use metric but had to plug all info in metric before converting to imperial units. Worse, when I try to add food to what I have eaten that day it says push the + sign well there is no plus sign on the screen. Waste of four bucks.
IT support does not exist for this app. No customer support or service. A lot if bugs with this version- the search & type option doesnt turn off and the search yields no results. Used to be a good app. Not very impressed
this versions search function returns no results which makes it impossible to add new foods to your food journal. I wish it hadnt been updated.

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